Tol’ Dagor M+, murdered by best friend and husband, RIP


  • Me being killed horribly by friendly fire in +2 Tol Dagor  (Your best friend and husband crit you for 760000)
  • KILLIN THE VECTIS NORMAL (rip healers)
  • Warfronts a go go (Snorefronts, amirite)
  • Island Expeditions (GET THEM AZERITES, BOYS)

And other stupidity.

Floutsy and Droptopp do Lordaeron

Okay, I swear on my life, this was the thumbnail that Youtube automatically chose when I uploaded. I nearly fell off my chair.

The below is carefully curated expert commentary on the lore and events of the Siege of Lordaeron, from our stream.

Actually, it’s just us talking a whole bunch of shit and spamming our hotbar.


Hello from the other side

Hey what’s up HELLO.

I haven’t streamed, ‘Youtubed’ or written in any serious way on this site in better than 3 years.  In this time, I attended school, got a job I love in healthcare, maintained a personal life and relationship which I do not talk about here, as well as, of course, leveling and raiding with far too many characters.

At last count, a week before Battle for Azeroth, I had 13*†  characters at 110; 2 of those are geared for Mythic raids, the rest are geared respectably enough for Heroic and Normal raids.

I stopped with game related social media, streaming, and blogging, posting strats on Youtube, etc, because The SECOND I felt obligation to stuff like this, it became another Thing I Must Do in my life, and between my career, personal adult responsibilities and relationships, continuing education, home life, sleep, bodily functions etc “Pleasing people who read my gaming weblog” falls pretty fall down the list. Another reason was I was deeply conflicted about whether I actually wanted to play this game anymore after the ignominious failure which was Warlords of Draenor. I, like many, did not enjoy the expansion and it was the period of time I spent the most amount of time outside of the game. I clearly remember logging in before the launch of Legion and it having been nearly 2 months since I had last played which is a thought utterly foreign to me right now, with how wonderfully Legion turned out.

Furthermore, the scape of social media has changed with regard to how we give and receive information to one another about the game, and how we as a community express our opinions. It seems to have organically gravitated to vlogs and streams. I can’t really and won’t ever be a consistent video contributor; I am far too private and do not have the time or talent to cultivate or maintain an audience. So I write here when I can, put up a video for fun here and there, stream once in a while, and that’s how it will stay. I selectively enable comments and replies. It’s just how it is going to be to keep it fun.

*Tabbed out to write this, I was queued for dungeons on my Alliance mage, and dinged 110. So, now, 14 characters.

† If I run invasions passively during my work week, my Alliance priest will make it 15, but no idea if the timing will work. I HAVE A LIFE, OKAY.


Outtakes from our latest Highmaul raid.  You will not care about this unless you are in my guild.

We are now recruiting non-bads and people who say swear words.

Mr. Terrible, Carroteye, Sloppus – Menagerie Dailies

I have some pet dailies unposted that I will have WordPress autopost while I’m on vacation for the holiday.

D3 Theme Team (Deebs, Tyri, Puzzle) – Menagerie Dailies

Looking for Derps

I did precious few things this week aside from logging into my garrison, tweeting weird shit and collecting crap/sending followers off due to getting ready for a 2 week vacation in which WoW will be the last thing on my mind. I have worked a few overnights and to stay awake at the correct times I am doing heroic 5 mans again for Frostwall Tavern quests, since I replaced my shit ass useless Trading Post with the Inn. I wish I could tell you my plan here was based around some strategic move with regard to the Tavern but in reality I could not stand to see the blasted yellow exclamation mark for the nonfunctional Auction House  for one more second so I nuked the fucking thing from orbit and put in the Tavern. Also, I changed my mind about the War Mill. The War Mill is the balls. Now that I am flush with resources the War Mill has provided me with oodles of item upgrades for my followers and I have most of them at 655 now; I have seen rare missions for Heroic Highmaul gear for me for the last 2 weeks and scored a trinket with a gem slot and a perfectly statted weapon as well as the free seal every reset. I also farmed a full Blackrock set for my paladin healer. Croman’s naked ass can go out and get me gear anytime.

It’s okay to be jelly, I’d want to be me too. I also have nice boobs.

Random thoughts about things in no particular order:

Been running Highmaul with the guild when I can and wrecking shit as Destro but my AOE is still shitty. Havoc change to 20 sec might help a little.  The difference between LFR and Normal/Heroic Highmaul is gigantic. LFR truly feels like it is there to serve its intended “see the content” purpose at this point; It is a decent catch-up mechanic if you can’t get into a guild due to time constraints or the fact that you’re an insufferable self-important twat that no one wants to play with for more than a dungeon’s worth of time. As a regular raider with a guild, one week into LFR release and I have no reason to be in LFR already. This is a good thing IMO.

Everbloom – I never realized how fucking annoying Human female voices were until I went to this instance. Between the fire ring girl boss0 and the one harpy at the end screaming her tits off every five seconds about fuck all, I wondered how I possibly missed this before, having played a Human female character for literally a hundred years previous to this expansion.

Grimrail Depot – This is the place where no one knows what the fuck to do, all the times on all the bosses. If it is a guild group, we are all 645 – 650ish at this point and can handle it easily but if I am pugging late at night I don’t think I’ve finished this once. People get to the second boss and lose their minds about where to be and what to do.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds – Standing in The Purple Is Bad Burial Grounds. That’s all.

Auchindoun – Sorry but I still love this; it is my happy place, along with the RAVE CAVE in Un’goro Crater. I want to take that Green stripey demon thing home as a pet and feed it whiny Human females.

Skyreach – THE PLACE with the BIRDS, or the new Oculus. I have no problem with it but people love to drop this dungeon after zoning, because they can’t be arsed to walk the wind maze.

UBRS – How many ways can you fuck up LEEEEROOYYY. Answer: A lotta ways.

Stitches Jr. – Menagerie Dailies

The Whateverinator – Menagerie Dailies


The best worst best day in trade chat ever, Rain of Fail, etc.

Getting ready to start Highmaul and crafted LIKE JESUS ON ADDERALL all week, epics for my warlock, epics for my healer, epics epics fucking epics. It was like Oprah came to my garrison and shit out iPhones and Michael Kors purses for all my toons. Everyone’s favorite things.

I’m at work on Monday and my phone lights up with “Trade Chat has gone wild” and this:


There were about a thousand other images posted that day. This was fine with me because trade chat is basically fucking Tumblr Live anyway, and if you weren’t around, you should know that for the first time I can remember in my over 1000 years of WoW play, Blizzard actually turned off Trade and some other public chat channels completely. Due in no small part to people posting entire loading screens in chat, and stuff like gigantic oversized pics of the ogre idol icon that looks like a pair of fat jugs. Reddit has most of them archived for posterity.


So I am sitting there trying to look like Miss Serious Smarty Healthcare Womans meanwhile swallowing hysterical laughter about ogre idol tits  because I am a broken human being.

Since it’s hotfixed now, I’ll say that it had something to do with linking followers in chat, and being able to resize and replace icons and item  links/tooltip display accordingly.

Okay, some inevitable complaining. Destro is not doing great with the AOE nerfs, but whatever. Ain’t nobody got time to learn how to play another spec and have to actually pay attention. I admit adjustment was needed; all right take away the embers from Rain of Fire but don’t then nerf the fucking spell by 60% too. Anyway, I will deal with it. But I won’t like it.

Which reminds me, Blizz. A little primer on Black Princes:










The one on the left: Raspberry Beret. Awesome. The right? Creepy little icky guy with no likability and a shitty hat. I rest my case.

Been working overnights and have been doing groups at odd hours. Friends are always around and willing to carry me through content due to my sparkling personality and grasp of the English language:


And then, after this whisper I slowly descended into madness.



Jesus take the wheel.

G.O.A.T. Thanksgiving

After meeting family/friends/etc on Thanksgiving eve, a bottle of Remy Martin Cru a friend send along was opened and then THIS HAPPENED.


There are really no words.

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